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The New England Chapter Summer 2017 Meeting
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Chapter Membership Dues

     OAEA-NE By-Laws establish voluntary annual dues of five dollars for each member to help cover the Chapter's administrative expenses.  The fiscal year starts on October 1st with a dues drive.  Dues can be paid in person at a Chapter meeting or mailed directly to Secretary/Treasurer Marty Diller at the mailing address on the OAEA-NE web site "Officers/Contact" page.  Please make out all OAEA-NE checks to "OAEA-NE".  If you have any questions about your dues, please contact Marty Diller.


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New England Chapter Summer 2017 Meeting

By Marty Diller,
New England Chapter Secretary-Treasurer

The New England Chapter tried out different Conrad's restaurant for their summer meeting - this time, in Sudbury - one of three Conrad's in the greater Boston area. A relatively small group of 41 members and guests turned out for the meeting, a number which comfortably filled the smallish dining room at this Conrad's. I am told that Conrad's in Walpole has a larger room than the other two stores, but we'll have to book it before Christmas to get it for next June. This will be an item of new business for our Fall Chapter meeting.

Chapter Business

Charlie "CB' Bevilacqua never leaves home without his flag display, and as usual, he also led the attendees in honoring the colors to begin the business meeting.

There were no new items of business at this meeting, and Committee reports were mostly updates on ongoing programs.

--Dues: $750 was collected from 52 members during the 2017 Chapter Dues Drive. Chapter dues are strictly voluntary, but right now, 75 percent of our members are dues-current.

-- Education: Fred Santino reminded all that he would like folks to complete and submit the Antarctic History Questionnaire form - developed to compile information from members about their Antarctic experience. Also, CNN's June 4th broadcast of "Anthony Bourdain, Parts Unknown" featured Chef Bourdain taking his travel and food show to Antarctica to "explore the culture and cuisine there." Fred did not get a chance to record the show and asks that anyone that did have the presence of mind to record it, to make a copy for him to use in future presentations ( ).


The winner of the meeting's 50/50 raffle was CB Bevilacqua (MCB (Special), DF-1 (w/o MCM); DF-II at Pole). CB's share of the raffle donation was $86. The door prize winner, Don Leger (RM-3; VXE-6 1970-73); Willy Field Ham shack (KC4USX), won a free lunch at the next Chapter meeting (a $24 value at Conrad's).

Meeting Schedule

The next OAEA-NE Chapter meeting is scheduled for 1 PM on Saturday, October 14, 2017, at the Bull N'Claw restaurant in Wells, Maine.





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OAEA-NE Facebook Page

     The OAEA-NE now has a Facebook page maintained by Chapter member, Fred Santino. Please go to to view the page. You may also email Fred at to post information or pictures, etc. (Please note: You will have to type in the web address because it is not linked directly to this page.)



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