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Chapter Membership Dues

     OAEA-NE By-Laws establish voluntary annual dues of five dollars for each member to help cover the Chapter's administrative expenses.  The fiscal year starts on October 1st with a dues drive.  Dues can be paid in person at a Chapter meeting or mailed directly to Secretary/Treasurer Marty Diller at the mailing address on the OAEA-NE web site "Officers/Contact" page.  Please make out all OAEA-NE checks to "OAEA-NE".  If you have any questions about your dues, please contact Marty Diller.


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New England Chapter Spring 2018 Meeting

By Marty Diller,
New England Chapter Secretary-Treasurer

Despite a string of weekly nor 'easters bringing heavy snow and gale-force winds to New England in March, there was no snow to be found outside the Quonset O Club restaurant on the former Quonset Point Naval Air Station where the New England Chapter met on March 24th. A smaller crowd than usual, 61 members and guests, was present. The Chapter has been averaging 71 attendees at spring meetings.

Chapter Business

After another excellent buffet lunch, the attendees viewed a short film, "Operation Deep Freeze - I", out of the archives (1957) of the U.S. Navy Photographic Center. Chapter President Dave Hazard then opened the business meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance. His first announcement was that instead of a fundraiser for the Chapter, today's take in the 50/50 raffle drawing would go to support a 'Go-Fund-Me' fundraising effort by Chapter member Joe Stravinsky (EO1, USN (Ret.); NSFA DF'72-74) and his wife, Marylyn. Their son, Joe Jr., age 44 with four children, has been diagnosed with Leukemia and will need a bone marrow transplant. A donor has been found and the transport is scheduled in April. Donations can be made online at:

The "new business" portion of the meeting was relatively brief, with Dave announcing that his wife, Chapter Webmaster Anne Hazard, would like to retire from her duties. They are looking for any "techies" in the Chapter who have knowledge and ability to upgrade and/or takeover and maintain the Chapter website.

Life member Tom Henderson (Surveyer, USCG; 1979-80, 1981-82, 1997-98; 1982 w/o Pole) was on hand to update members on his recent 'Ice Eagles' project - a video documentary on the history of Antarctic aviation. The project has been completed and the DVDs are still available for purchase. Tom hoped to have 'Ice Eagles' picked up for airing by PBS television, but that did not happen - most likely because PBS considered its 2-hour length too long for their standard programming format. Tom again expressed his appreciation for the Chapter's generosity in supporting his project, and announced that he is considering conducting future sales through a Documentary Distribute that can increase sales exposure nationwide, primarily to schools and other educational venues. Such a change may require him to discontinue DVD sales through his company's website ( Tom did add, however, that he will still accept direct sales from OAEA members who contact him. Member Bill Highlands stood up and praised Tom's 'Ice Eagles' documentary, saying he has the DVD set and that it is "just fantastic!"

I updated the attendees on the latest news on the Quonset Air Museum, which was closed due to structural damage from heavy snow in March 2014. Museum officials were unable to find another site to build a new museum. Since then, some of the aircraft previously displayed by the QAM have been acquired by other entities: the F-14 Tomcat has been relocated to the U.S. Naval Academy, where it is now on display; and a C-1 Trader cockpit was obtained by the Shea Naval Aviation Museum (S. Weymouth, MA.). Former QAM President John Kane confirmed that the museum's artifacts and other contents, including VX-/VXE-6 and Antarctic-related items, have been wrapped, boxed, and stored in five large inter modal tractor-trailer size shipping containers for possible display at another site. In January 2018, Mr. Kane reported he also gave the Shea museum an A-4C Skyhawk, and advised that nothing yet has been done with the shipping containers, stating it may be over a year "before they're dealt with."

I also reminded attendees to check the next issue of the Explorer's Gazette for an announcement about deadlines for the OAEA Scholarship award applications for the 2018-19 school year. This announcement typically comes out in April.

In earlier business at the Chapter Officers meeting, acceptance of new members was approved:

(1) Chuck Woske (109th AS (NYANG) First Sergeant, MCM s/s 1999-2002), of Johnstown, NY, was accepted as an At-Large member. Chuck recently moved to New York from Pensacola, FL, where he was a member of the Gulf Coast Group.

(2) An OAEA Commemorative membership for ACC Charles W. Chesnutt, USN (Ret.) was also approved. Chief Chesnutt died in January 2016 at age 83. He was a resident of Brunswick, Maine. During the summer support seasons in 1967-68 and 1969-69 while attached to Antarctic Support Activities (ASA) Det. B, he served as an Air Traffic Controller at McMurdo Station. The officers also approved a $50 donation to accompany that membership application.



The 50/50 raffle drawing winner was Dick Kopplin (ASA DF'71 s/s Brockton Station; w/o MCM DF'71). Dick's share of the raffle donations was $140. He immediately donated all of it to the Stravinsky's Joe-Strong fundraiser. Meeting attendees donated an additional $137 to the 'Joe-Strong' fundraiser.

The door prize winner, Larry Hunter (VXE-6, DF'70-73), won a free lunch at the next Chapter meeting he attends.

Meeting Schedule

The next OAEA-NE Chapter meeting is scheduled for 1 PM on Saturday, June 23, 2018, at Conrad's Casual Dining restaurant in Walpole, MA.





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OAEA-NE Facebook Page

     The OAEA-NE now has a Facebook page maintained by Chapter member, Fred Santino. Please go to to view the page. You may also email Fred at to post information or pictures, etc. (Please note: You will have to type in the web address because it is not linked directly to this page.)



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